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The reference book
an antispeciesism manifesto

“Ecospirituality is a natural philosophy that leads to a reassessment of the relationship the individual person has with the environment, where all living creatures, as well as the planet itself, acquire a value and dignity equivalent to that of humans. The individual is therefore not seen as an unchallenged dominator of the world he inhabits, but lives in brotherhood with all manifestations of life and with the planet itself, in a shared planetary experience which forms part of an ecosystem orbiting in space.”


We want to dedicate our arts to our non-human animal brothers and sisters. We intend to appeal to all artists who are sensitive to the problem of animals, used in the most appalling ways by our so-called "civil" society, so that our arts can constitute a peaceful form of struggle to spread a message of animal liberation.
Animals are sentient beings, not objects to be used as we see fit. With this initiative we want to create an international network of artists who can spread a thought to raise awareness of the problem of these billions of our animal brothers and sisters who are killed, tortured and made to live in appalling conditions every day. An endless factory of slaves who will know nothing but suffering during their short lives.
We intend to create events, concerts, exhibitions, shows and so on, to spread our message of peace and harmony among all living species.
We believe that artists have a huge responsibility because they have the opportunity to spread messages to a big audience. And we intend to make sure that this opportunity is used for an act of justice, a contribution to a raising of awareness of the problems faced by other species, abused and used by mankind in every way possible.
The initiative was created by our group LabGraal, but we want to bring together all those who feel the problem of animal suffering deep down inside, like us. A problem that cannot be ignored and which is not acceptable. We want to do something for our different brothers and sisters, and we intend to use our art for a noble purpose.

Anyone who wants to join us is welcome!

Rosalba Nattero
leader and vocalist of LabGraal

www.rosalbanattero.net - www.labgraal.org